2016 Class Schedule Information


NWSA instructors offering classes

Jaime H. Davila, NWSA Instructor

Contact:  541-220-0578

Robin Winston - NWSA Certified Instructor, Aurora, Oregon

Contact:  Email    Phone:  971-275-6137 - Call for pricing and class schedule 2016

 Ken Paul - NWSA Certified Instructor - Klamath Falls, OR

Contact: Email     Phone:  541-331-6335 - Call for pricing and class schedule 2017

  Mel Wann - NWSA Certified Instructor - Medford Area

Contact Info:  Email       Phone:  541-661-2095 Call for pricing Class Openings for 2017


Three Sisters Wildfire Contractors Association

Training Schedule TSWCA Training Schedule.pdf.  (They will enter training into the NWSA database upon request)

Firestorm Wildland Fire Services

2017 Firestorm Training Schedule-Chico, CA.  (They use the NWSA Database system to upload training)

Classes Offered:

S130, S190,L-180/Work Capacity Test









To enroll in a class;http://firestormfire.com/online.booking/

Chloeta Fire - NWSA Certified Instructors - Oklahoma City, OK

Classes Offered:

All 100 Level D,RT, D&S Courses,  S200, S215, S211, S215, S230, S231, S236, S219, S300, S290, S330, S336

Contact information for pricing and schedule

Website:  www.chloetafire

Email:  Training@chloetafire.com

Ph:  1-877-CHLOETA 





NWSA Educational Partners

Treasure Valley Community College

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