NWSA Professional Contractor Certification Program

The National Wildfire Suppression Association is offering to it's members a voluntary Certification Program.

A Contractor may sign up for the intial Certification Training which will be held annually at the NWSA Conference each year.

This training conisists of the  segments that may include:

  • US Department of Labor Regulations
    • Service Contract Act & More
  • US Department of Transporation Regulations
  • A Guide to Critical Management Practices
  • Basic Business Ethics
  • Cross Border Workman's Compensation Issues\
  • Drug & Alcohol Training

Upon completion you will recieve a Certificate of Completion as well as if you use the NWSA Database Storage Training System to card your employees the Card will now show your Company as NWSA Certified Professional Contractor.

You can then maintain your certificiation by attending 8 hours of recognized training annually and submitting certificates to the NWSA Office.

We are partnering with US DOL and US DOT and others to provide this training to our members.

To enroll in the class download the Professional Contractor Certification Program brochure.  There is also a Program Guide that outlines all the requirement.