NWSA Region 6 Equipment Inspections


 Pre-Award Inspections must be completed by May 1, 2016.

Need to set up an Inspection of your Equipment?   We have several group sites being set up, please note the dates may be subject to change.

Locations:  Click here.   Updated 4/4/2016 

Request form:  here.

                 Complete the request form and email/fax to the NWSA office. We will then contact you after March 10th to schedule a time and go over instructions.


REMINDER - Must be paid in advance of inspection and bring the receipt to the inspection site with you.

Equipment TypeInspection Costs
Vehicle w/ Driver$150.00
Heavy Equipment (Dozers, Excavators ect)$250.00
Weed Washing $150.00
Heavy with Water$250.00
Hand Washing$150.00
Mechanic w/Service Truck$250.00
Fuel Tenders$250.00
Potable Water$250.00
Grey Water$250.00
Misc. Heavy Equipment$250.00

 Once we have contacted you to schedule please make payment at the bottom of this page and have your receipt ready for the inspector or inspection will not be completed.

 To view the latest copies of the Checklists that our inspectors will be looking at please visit here.

You can find copies of the solicitations and more information at the Region 6 Fire Procurement Website.

These inspections do not take the place of DOT Certification if required for you equipment.

Bring with you to your scheduled inspections:

All Equipment:

  • Bring a completed and Signed DOT Inspection Form on those that are over 10001
  • Be sure that the name on the equipment matches the name on the Solicitation Page.
  • You must bring a receipt showing that you have paid for your inspections in advance, we will keep a copy with your records.

Equipment Inspections
Name of Inspector

There will be a mileage assessment for inspections at your location. We will try to schedule multiple people in an area to keep that cost down.

2016 Inspection Information

Potable/Gray Water:  The contract states that you must pass GVW when FULLY LOADED, if you cannot meet that GVW but pass all other items on checklist, then we will mark your inspection form No Passed, with note about GVW.  We will forward that to the contracting office who will then based on your submittal award and immediately suspend your agreement for 2015 at which time you will have 1 year to cut down your tanks so you can be reinspected to show you meet GVW.  You will then be eligable to be put back on the DPL in 2016.  However, if you pass before the 2016 date but after May 1st, 2015, you may sign up for EERA at a reduced rate.

Masticator/Mulchers:  Note 2016 - Those that did not pass inspections last year but were awarded a contract and then suspended could be reinstated this year based on revised language for the FOP/ROPS requirements, it will NOT require a re inspection, the CO should be contacting you.

Chippers:  To verify Typing we will need to see the Model Number and manual which you have in your possession at the time of inspection or you can download info from internet prior to inspection which shows Size of Chipper.  If you do not have that at time of inspection we will measure the mouth to check typing.

Potable/Gray Water:  We will need to verify the gallon size of the tank, we will check for tag on tank from manufacturer, if that is not available we will need to have you weighted empty and the completely full (we need to visually check that you are full) at which time we will do a calculation to verify the gallon size for Typing.



Important Websites for VIPR Agreements: 


Dates to Remember:


Deadline for completion of Inspections for new awards with information entered into I-Team is MAY 1st for award.