The Role of NWSA in Wildland Fire/Emergency Incident Support 

Wildfire destroys everything in its path. With a mere shift of the wind, it can become a monster endangering those who don’t understand its nature. Federal, state and local government firefighter skills are honed by arduous and constant training required to fight wildland fires and survive. Anyone who doesn’t have that level of training jeopardizes everyone on the fireline.

Good Cause for Confidence

  • Nationally recognized database for tracking training

  • Excellent training/tracking system ensures firefighter skill/safety

  • Most NWSA certified instructors/trainers former state/federal wildland fire employees - combined 800 years fire experience.

  • NWSA Code of Ethics and monitoring program govern instructors

  • Annual Mandatory Training Sessions update NWSA instructors on changes/requirements

  • NWSA standards set by the training committee based on the 310-1NWCG Training Guide.

Learn more about our training programs here.